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The Presentation Center at the Arts Exclusive Gallery continuously displays the works produced by the thirty artists the gallery represents.

Philip M. Janes, director of the gallery, believes in promoting the creative process, saying, "When I take on an artist, it is a marriage. I expect the association to continue indefinitely."

The artists, each one personally and professionally known by Janes, are from all over the United States. Their work covers a wide range of styles, mediums and approaches.  The artists are in the process of perpetual creativity.

Arts Exclusive represents these artists in Connecticut and maintains an inventory of over 700 original works of art in the gallery at all times.


About The Gallery Director

Philip M. Janes as founder, president and director, opened the Arts Exclusive Gallery in July of 1974 for the "Promotion of Creative Development."

In the years prior to the gallery opening, Janes lived for ten years as a Peace Corps Volunteer and a professional administrator for CARE in India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Vietnam. It was in his charitable service abroad that Janes developed a fondness for the indigenous people with whom he worked, lived and had come to respect, and also where Janes' spirit of artistic expression soared.

Janes, always a student of the arts, explored the various environments in which he traveled through the contrast of expressions, mores, folkways, and taboos that were readily a part of the daily lives of the people with whom he was surrounded.

As his work overseas came to a end, Janes discovered that visual symbols that he had collected formed a personal diary of experiences that had touched his life over those 10 years.

Upon his return to the United States, and armed with his private art collection, he was able to share with others his experiences and enhance the importance of art both as a valuable means of communication and an important aspect of life.

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