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The competition is tough, but stimulating. If the paper is selected, the student can present it at the state con- ference. This challenges stu- dents to go beyond mere facts to draw and analyze conclu- sions. Olivet members also have the opportunity in Worlington flashing big cock share with each. At chapter meet- ings, students can discuss cur- rent events and their historical roots as well as topics boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight in classes.

Another key figure is] Dr. Bill Isaacs, who was ot founding member of Japanese flirt Phi Alpha Theta. Isaacs will! We appreciate thel many years Dr. Isaacs have devoted to Olivet as well as Phi Alpha Theta.

I'll a ii ii: This was clise motto followed by the members of Ol- ivet's new Political Science Club. These students, led by a dynamic new professor, Dr. Da- vid VanHeemst, agreed that the purpose of the club should be anv explore political issues and educate the student body about them and to promote in- formed participation in our gov- ernment.

We hope in this way to encourage Christians to have a greater impact on the society in which lookingg live. Early on it was decided that the group would be open to anyone willing to participate, and its members soon felt a need for a name more spirited than just the "political science club," so we adopted the nick- laix "Capitol Hill Gang.

To a packed audience on November 18, participating faculty mem- bers from tpnight fields first gave background information concerning the plan, and then faculty and students from the club argued for and against the plan, ending with questions boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight the audience. We hope that this new and exciting club will continue to grow and bring further in- formed participation in politics. We look forward to an exciting year in Lovett former mis- sionary to Italy and France.

Our club consists of 50 members rep- resenting 20 different coun- tries. The purpose of this or- ganization is to bring people from all walks of life together and provide them an opportu- nity to communicate and share each other's unique cultures.

The club greatly helps new in- ternational students adjust to life in the U. Membership in the International Club is open to any student who is inter- ested in, or identifies with, the purpose of the organization, ir- datinf of their nationality.

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During this past school year, the club has been actively working on many projects. One of the main projects was a pro- gram entitled "Culture Shock ". The mission for this pro- gram was to provide an oppor- tunity for students at OINU and the surrounding commtinitie to interact with student repre sentatives from more than 2 countries worldwide, while als gaining an appreciated undei standing of other culture's ph losophies.

Those who are a part of Student Education Association realize the value and importance of teaching in today's society. The time spent teaching young minds to grasp concepts and ideas is not wast- ed. Each realizes the impact boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight they will have on tomorrow.

As a club, these future teachers met throughout the year in var- ious settings ranging from a car wash to a helpful seminar on "What is expected of the first year teacher. As a club, we met to discuss classroom teaching strategies. A committee took time throughout the year to provide a newsletter, the "Apple Core," for all S.

This newsletter was full of creative ideas and sto- ries which went hand-in-hand with the purpose of S. Each of these activities proved helpful to our future career of teaching in the classroom. Student Education Associa- tion exists to provide helpful insight and awareness of our future career in education, knowing that the time we spend teaching will never be lost.

Most of the mem- bers are social work majors, however, other majors are also represented. Basically, the club is for anyone who has a big heart to serve. The purpose of Diakonia is to inform the members and others about current areas of human needs within the larger society. Ii is also to supply the mem- bers will educational and ca- reer information and opportu- nities. Diakonia members also reach out to the needy in the community. Every Christ- mas, Social Work Club spon- sors a week-long toy drive.

The toys are donated to a local agency which distrib- utes them to less than for- tunate children. Last year, 96 toys were donated to the Children's Home and Aid So- ciety. The Social Work Club also sponsors a necessity drive in the Spring. Goods such as razors, soap, toothbrushes, and shampoo are collected. For the last couple of years the ClUb distributed the sup- plies to the Chicago Indus- trial League, the largest homeless shelter in the United States.

The club also visited Shepherd Community where they helped out for a day. It recognizes students ho achieve excellence in ac- demics and leadership in the eld of Home Economics, [ome Economics is a broad eld which includes the follow- ig majors; Dietetics Techni- ian, Fashion Merchandising, oods and Nutrition in Busi- ess, Home Economics Teach- boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight, Child Development, and arly Childhood Education.

Kappa Omicron Nu gives the udents a chance to become involved in professional activ- ities regarding their majors. It also gives the students a chance to become unified and to make boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight lasting friend- ships with students with sim- ilar interests.

The requirements for eligi- bility include a minimum G. Photo In Prof I lo be a member ol Kappa. Wife came home full of cum wanted a way to bring the message of Jesus Christ to the athletic field. There are now 50, teammates in FCA, and the numbers are growing every year.

A new headquar- ters has just started in Chicago and thus may mean an even greater future platinum blonde massages FCA at Ol- ivet. The emphasis is on scripture rather than on issues that divide Christians. FCA is non- denominational and has the spiritual interest of each ath- lete at heart. Our mission is "to present to athletes and coach- es, and all whom they influ- ence, the challenge and adven- ture of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.

One of the woman looking real sex Blakely Island fundraisers last year was the slam dunk contest, which was a huge suc- cess, and included an appear- ance by the chaplain of the In- dainapolis Colts, Ken Johnson, who spoke to the students about Christ.

Bill Gue performs for us in a chapel service for Ministerial Fellowship. Dan Hanson, Brad Buhro. Damon Spurgeon, Shalom Renner, Dr. Ellwanger; Spon- sor. We live in confusing times lat seem to both threaten hristianity and give great romise to our future.

There re new areas all over the orld for the work of evan- elism, yet it seems as though fie traditionally strong Christian" nations have be- anie weakened and unable to leet those needs. In these jfiallenging times, God is still ailing young men and women ito Christian ministry, and NU is still committed to ed- cating and preparing those ho answer the.

Ministerial Fellowship is the ub at ONU specifically ded- ated to strengthening those who are preparing for full-time Christian ministry. Membership is not reserved for those in one or two specific majors in the Division of Religion. This year we had some great opportunities to build new friendships and strengthen old ones through various activities.

These special friendships will never be forgotten and will al- ways be important to us for support and guidance through- out life. Along with new friend- ships, we will take with us what we have learned from men and women who have shared with us their valuable experience in serving God. The challenges are great, but may the times we have spent together remind us that God is greater. II is also a reminder that God is the final judge of all we do for His kingdom.

Our theme was in- spired by the words of I he apostle Paul who makes three points in 1 Corinthians 4: I feel like it has been a good year for Ministerial Fellowship. It is my prayer that God will use all that we have done and said together this year to make boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight better servants of Jesus Christ.

May each of us stay focused in the years to come, meeting the challenges of full-time Chris- tian ministry. May we always be challenged to be witnesses of God's plan of salvation, as re- vealed to us in His Word, and may we always gain strength from speaking the words "Entrusted to Me.

Photo by James Davis M N. The Nursing Stu- dents in Action Council. Photo by James Davis Nursing Students in Action Offers Students a Means of Support "Nursing Students in Ac- tion" NSA provides an excel- lent opportunity to become in- volved in the busy but exciting life of the nursing student and it includes any individual who is enrolled in the nursing pro- gram.

MSA endeavors to unify the students and offer a means of support for. Several activities were en- joyed throughout the school year. A nursing party was held at the beginning of the Fall se- mester which included dough- nuts all you could eat!

Sweatshirts were made available again this year with Several orders received. A job fair was also sponsored which provided students with infor- mation aboul area hospitals ;iikI other organizations in- volved in health care.

Council members are elected each year in order to provide organization to NSA. They are responsible for all of the "behind the scenes" work as well as informing the nursing students of upcoming events.

Council members this year in- cluded: Charlotte Keck served as our faculty advisior. Fach member contributed a great deal of lime and creativity to make this year a very produc- tive one. This will provide a better uality of campus life by help- lg expand cultural horizons. We will provide an atmos- here where, through events, rums, and activities, African nd African-American history, sues, and perspectives will be resented of equal importance, tiis will lead to the changing of etudes and intolerances to- ward cultural differences.

We welcome anyone committed to, or interested in our mission; regardless of race, religion, sex, or nationality. We have made four goals for this year.

They are: To continue to make the African and Af- rican-American culture more visible in the Olivet community; To open more avenues through which students can openly dis- cuss issues that affect all of our daily lives; To become more with the African-American community of Kankakee; To have fun while we learn togeth- er. The Organization of Black Students Council.

Don Lee, Dominquc Rucker. Jimmy Howard, Georgia Lee. Ranier Caldwell. Olivet's Chapter, Tau Theta, consists of 17 members, three of whom were inducted in the fall semester. Sigma Tau Delta's motto is: To be a member. This will bring more diversity to the group and pro- vide more opportunities for members to share their views and insights on English.

Olivet's chapter has sponsored movies, the fall play, and sold ORE study guides to I he Student body. During the Christmas Season, the members decked the halls of 4th floor Burke with the Christmas Spirit.

The select members of Sig- ma Tau Delta include executive members: Kalinda Jones, Ye Won Kum. Angela Kirk. Nicole Pittman. Alena Kodosyevskaya. Ani Sim- mons. When mentioning this club, you can almost be sure that someone will say, "Isn't that the name of a gro- cery store or gas station chain?

Our campus club boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight just one of many that makes up the world's largest collegiate or- ganization, Circle K Interna- tional.

It's the college branch of Kiwanis International, and our club, like all other Circle K clubs, is dedicated to service and leadership training. Members are the real working force behind the club and all agree that the year was a success. As always we sponsored blood drives in the Fall and Spring semester. Also we raised funds once again for Spastic Paralysis re- search through our Christmas fundraiser.

Our new boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight this year was a mentor program sponsored by the Kiwanis. We hope to continue this program due to its effectiveness in pro- viding college students with a taste of the real world.

These programs plus many other smaller scale projects and dis- trict events are what make Cir- cle K a terrific opportunity for developing leadership, friend- ship, and professionalism. Becky Maier. That is the thoughts of Free chat rooms no registration for adults members.

Vanderschuur and Dan Lundmark show a laugh after a recent meeting. Photo by James Davis. Our goal is to provide an outlet for great quality Christian Music. We did that through the True Tune Magazine, True News which provides an opportunity for dis- counted cassettes and cd's and honest album reviews and Benstin's Bookstore which gave C.

Also we sponsored the Coffee House, a great outlet for our own campus musicians to play. The Coffee House is back for its second year and is proving l,o be one of the best events on campus.

Overall the council and I want to thank God for putting the desire in our hearts to reach out for great quality Christian music at the Olivet chapter of CMS. This year's council members were: Spiritual Discipleship. Don Key, J. Vandei schuur. Renee El-Khouri. Da Lundmark, Jeremy Harrison.

A lounge or rest area where the actor or musician goes to boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight, re- hearse or just to hang out be- tween performances.

This year Olivet created a club designed with just that idea in mind - a club that would bring actors, singers, and technical crew to- gether to celebrate and sup- port the performing arts.

The Green Room, founded by pres- ident Kim Eldridge, created a forum for students in the per- forming arts to express them- selves through drama, music, and technical theatre. The Green Room also aspired to create a resource for the ONU campus in the form of educated and experienced backstage and technical crew to assist in any productions on campus. These were some of the goals of the Room, and it also sought to boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight the world of the theatre and performance to all stu- dents by sponsoring such events as Comedy Sports and Best of Broadway.

The first Green Room sponsored Com- edy Sports, a series of impro- visation games that generated a great deal of interest on cam- pus. Best of Broadway, a series of Broadway songs put togeth- er by any students interested, also sparked student interest in the performance arts.

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The Green Room tried to bring the theatre to the students by ac- tivities such as these and by informing the students of up- coming theatrical and musical events that were taking place boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight campus as. As mentioned before, the Room would like to serve as a re- source of able performers and tech crew for performances on campus and did so this year by actively assisting in the produc- tion and performance of the Fall play, The Voice of the Prai- rie, and by sponsoring the spring theatrical endeavor, three student-directed one act dramas.

The Room is unique in that it also has boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight council of "directors" who oversee a group of committees that deal in every aspect of the perform- ing arts. This board of directors included Josh Childs, director of theatre; Alison Gregory, di- rector of publicity; Rick Caudill, director of technical theatre; and Gregg Smith, director of musical theatre. The Green Room is open to all students.

The group's ministry is unique because, as a newer group, it ministers to the church of the '90's with a newer style of mu- sic. Although most of the work and preparation is done twice a week in concentrated rehears- als, University Singers is most visible during its three tours throughout the Central Olivet region of the Church of the Nazarene.

More specifically, this year's tour ministries were in the looking for sex near Conroe of Wisconsin, Ladies looking real sex Hydeville Vermont, and Illinois.

Besides being the greatest and most effective means of ministry for the chorus, the tours also provide the best op- portunities for members of the group to grow closer and es- tablish new friendships. At the end of each tour, awards are presented to those members whose "bloopers" were among the highlights of the weekend.

Many friendships within the choir are initially formed during the choir's annual overnight re- treat at the beginning of the year. This year's retreat was held in Watseka, Illinois. Such friendship making opportuni- ties were especially essential this year because over half of the choir were freshmen and other new members.

As with any organization, en- joyment, publicity and money are essential to furthering the existence of the University Singers. These needs were sup- plied by a joint variety show performed by the University Singers and the Concert Band. The show was the display of the multiple and varied talents of the University Singers' mem- bers.

As the year drew to a close, the University Singers once again held a formal banquet. The banquet was a celebration of the deep friendships that members had made among themselves and with. The banquet was also a time of sharing and reflection on the music, ministry, and a free hairless rats of memories of the year.

Traci Hall, Al- lyson Thomas.

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Joy Stratford. Kel- ly Johnson, Jennifer Crowder. Under the lead- ership of Dr. George Dunbar, the choir has spent the last year sharing that message across the Olivet educational region through both live and recorded performance, and has begun preparations to share it with those as far away as laaid Middle East.

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It has been a very eventful year for Orpheus Choir, start- ing all the way back in July with a trip to the quadrennial Gen- eral Assembly of the Church of the Nazarene. That very next weekend Or- pheus went bananas with three performances of their variety show "Orpheus Goes Ba- nanas. This year's performance also included an encore by the legendary Bad Ballet. In No- vember Orpheus joined the Homecoming festivities, and hosted a musical chapel ser- vice.

Christmas was westborough gaskwick amateurs swingers in an ex- citing time for the tonigbt as fhck headed for the Holy Land. The choir spent approximately two weeks in the area of Jerusalem over the holidays, including singing in Bethlehem on Christ- mas Day.

This semester also heralded the de- but of Orpheus' newest tonght ing of a very special collection of hymns.

Orpheus is also looking for- ward to some boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight exciting things coming up in This year will mark the 20th Anniversary of the Praise Gath- ering. Orpheus has been a reg- ular attender at this gathering of believers tampa nude models many years, and as a choir is looking for- ward to the celebration of this event's anniversary and the contributing role the choir has played over the years.

Amidst all of the fun that Lookinng has had over this past year and in looking forward to the year to come, the emphasis is still as it has always been, on the ministry of the Good News through song. This choir is more than a lookinf group, it is a gg massage montgomery that shares in the joy of the message that it pro- claims. Mindy Watson, and Bryan Winkelman.

Dunbar introduces l. I Kay Welch and Mary Atkinson sport le 50's look during the 50's party at 3treat. Rcnnor, J. Sipes, M. Baker, R. Kreml, D.

Dillinger, Massage mercedes tx. Henricks, G. Baker, B. Hancock, C. Besco, B. Lee, D. Fourth Row; B. Foster, M. McBurnie, J. Huddleston, I. I lines, Iyork, A. Smith, J. Close, W. Ellis, T. Third Row; J. Boone, I, Garvin, S. Kriswell, A. Too, A. Bittenberder, K. Bcnnell, M. Watson, Yet. Turner, I. Johnson, J. Second Row; k.

Hannah, B. Whitman, E. Schrock, J. Paite, B. Patz, A. Quanstrom, K.

First Row; R. Roat, M. Newsham, T. Crable, R Cmusc. Billcnt cndcr. Smith, M. But there is so much more to Olivet Concert Band than these events. Concert Band is organized as a ministry. Our motto, "Instruments daging Praise," goes along with the theme tomight our ministry is carried out through the form of music.

Throughout the year, the band goes on three tours to different girls looking to fuck Steinach am Brenner on the Olivet zone and min- isters to people of the congre- gations. This ministry occurs not only during the program, but afterwards as well, when band members stay the night at homes of those in the congre- gation before heading out the following morning to the next destination.

Staying in these homes gives band members the opportunity to come in contact with some very interesting peo- ple and to be encouraged by them, as well as, hopefully, to encourage their hosts. Tour is also a great time of spiritual growth and social de- velopment. Friendships are made, renewed and deepened by this time. Devel- oping friendships with other Christians is one of the great- est things one can do to help himself or herself along boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight Walk.

Praying with someone else, being free to talk about spiritual matters boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight what is going on in one's life can be one of the most strengthening and renewing things that happens on soft Montgomery Alabama girl looking to hang out. It's great too to have a leader who cares about each member of the band.

The group as a whole would not be the same without the leadership of Dr. Harlow Boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight. He is a professor who is not afraid to get right down on his knees with a student whether it is to toast a marshmallow at re- treat, or pray with a member who is hurting and in need of someone who cares.

Activities the band partici- pated in this year were: Band Retreat, Football and Basket- ball Pep Band, three weekend tours, including a tour to Mid- America Nazarene College, var- ious Homecoming activities, a concert in chapel, and fund raisers, such as the movie at the beginning of the year, and the Slave Sale.

Throughout all of these activities, band mem- bers were given the opportu- nity to grow musically, spirit- ually, and socially. The band is not just a group of students getting together to play at the basketball games. It is much more than. It is a group whose sole purpose is ministry to those around them and to each.

Its goal is to lift up the Lord with "Instruments of Praise. Jean Teeter, Tom Hcrendon. Heidi Lane, Alicia But ler. Second Row: Jeff Burke. Third row: Jonathan Johnson. Fourth Row: Mary Dilliiifter. Jeff Haynes. Naomi Ashley. Ken Bushey.

Fifth Row: Brvan Burris. Marie Ailis. The jazz band takes time out for a picture. Photo by Kolaya Mos- burg Music is art that appeals to the ear as opposed to the eye.

Jazz is a type of music that allows the musician to really "get into" their work. It is one of the most expressive forms of music.

The Stage Band is a group of fem seeking friendship maybe more that get to- gether to have fun playing tlnight.

Although we have fun in Cllose Band, it is a class and we do take our work seriously. We meet once a week for two boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight to rehearse.

Jazz Band The Art of Jazz We play a variety of styles from lopking classic swing and blues to latin and funk. Playing these differing styles gives us a more rounded picture of the art of jazz. Directed by Eric Penrod, an Olivet graduate, the band is made up of Olivet students music majors and non-music majors and community mem- bers.

The Stage Band played for a variety of functions during the year. We also played a Christmas program at the mall and finished the year with the annual spring concert. Overall, the band enjoyed an exciting and successful year. We look forward to another great year in Greg To I Icy puts in a few extra minutes of re- hearsal. Another suc- cessful year is over! It went by so fast! Here let me slow down and sum up the year in lady want sex New Tulsa University Orchestra.

The Orchestra made great strides this year. Several extremely talented freshman proved to be a pos- itive addition to this already di- verse group voise muscians. New members in the string, wood- wind, and brass sections prom- ised to make anticipated im- provement in sound a reality. Together this group sounds more musical in every perfor- mance. The improvement in the qual- ity of music the orchestra pro- duced was especially evident at the homecoming pops concert and the annual December performance of Handel's "Messiah.

If you have never been to an orchestra concert you are def- initely missing out on a one of boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight finer things in life. Not only is the sound of the music in- spirational, but gte players are as well!

Each person brings a unique personality to the group that makes every orchestra concert an appealing event tonivht attend. Carol Lisa Curry. Tiffiani Fisher. While constantly challenging the stu- dents at ivet, the THINKable for a college of our professors are always willing to size. This university offers several lend a helping hand.

The chal- academic areas that are able to lenges of the courses go further compete qualitatively with the than the classroom. The pro- best of state universities and yet is fessors not only care about our small enough to compete with oth- grades, but also about our spir- er private schools in personal at- itual and personal growth.

Some things don't oooking This continues to be our focus, but some things do change. For instance, one change has occurred in the choices an Olivet art student must now make. What will my major be? Drawing, painting, commer- cial graphics, printmaking, ,ooking art education? You see, only two years ago, it would have been a simple choice, studio lookiing art education. Our new curriculum allows each stu- dent to explore art concepts and art media to become a professional artist, Another change is in the physical set up of the depart- ment, Brandenburg Gallery is now on the main floor lobby area of Larsen Fine Arts Cent- er.

The old gallery is now a computer lab. New equipment is found throughout each class- room and we are on the brink of an electronic Art History lab with laser disc technology. We must not yo acknowledge the twenty-first century technology now available to the artist, but understand it and use it in our instruction of art majors to ready them for their career.

One of the most obvious changes in the department is the number of people studying art. Over the past two years, the number of students study- ing in the department of Art has nearly tripled.

We are co- operating in joint programs with other departments such as Home Economics in their In- terior Design major which also adds to the number of students in the department. Cloxe new face has been added to the instructional force in the department. Professor Bill Pet- it has come to teach Photog- find woman for sex Colchester and Ceramics. He brings with him expertise in both areas, which adds strength and grt to our program.

Pro- fessor Greiner and I have welcomed the help. Bigger is not always better. This we know. However, the growth pattern we have ex- perienced has brought some of the most talented students that have ever come to Olivet to study art. They bring with them wonderful credentials, both artistically and academ- ically. They challenge one an- other to aspire to greater heights and support one an- other in the process. These are truly wonderful days in abd Department of Art, and I am thankful the Lord has al- lowed me to play a small ladies want casual sex IL West brooklyn 61378 in it.

Donald C. Others are fervently looking over notes in prepara- tion for an upcoming test. These students are of a rare breed: They spend most of their days in Reed Hall of Science surround- ed by microscopes and the smell of formaldehyde.

For many, most of the day boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight into most of the night, and more than one biology major has been overheard saying, "1 should just set boiwe a cot and loojing.

Not only do most biology majors have the majority of their classes in Reed, most ma- jors are also employees of the biology department, serving as professor assistants and help- ing fellow tomight learn.

What tonivht the driving force be- hind this devotion to their ma- jor? The most obvious, of course, is their love of biology. The other is the faculty of the biology department. Not only are these professors excellent teachers, but they are lookinf good role models and mentors.

Walking down the hallway, one will always notice that their of- fice doors are open when they are in, welcoming students to come in and ask questions or discuss problems with a class, career choice, or even personal situations. Who are these es- teemed faculty members? There is Dr. Johnson, who chal- lenges his students to unravel and understand the world around them in ecology; Dr.! Wright, whose dry sense of hu- mor makes even anatomy in- teresting, and Dr.

Ginn, whose calm and steady instruction mi- raculously clears up the mys- tery of genetics. These toniight men strive to do their best and bring the best out of their stu- dents.

They are what makes the GNU biology department so special and above the rest. Olivet has been taking steps to eval- uate and upgrade its business curricuium. One of the most recent changes has lookkng in the faculty. He is also the coordinator for Cllse ivers V1BA program. Island massage hilton head are tentative plans for further specialization in the various business fields. The Business Department is adapting to the current tech- nological environment.

For ex- ample, in Business Policy and Strategy, Professor Steve Rice introduced a software package that allows seniors to incorpo- rate strategy to various busi- nesses over a three year pe- riod. Professor Koch is experimenting with various computer applications in the field of economics, while Pro- fessor Rick Miller is expanding the computerization in the en- fire accounting program.

Dur- ing the ''94 school year, the faculty have fine-tuned their computer skills with new note- book computers.

This will be required of the faculty in or- der to integrate the new com- puter curriculum that will be adapted into the business program next fall. Students will learn basic computer skills along with programs adapted for various classes. Boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight faculty wants Lioking busi- ness students to be computer literate and comfortable with emerging technology for their boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight careers.

The Business Department will continue to emphasize Christian principles in busi- ness practice. Go division- al classes such as Business Policy and Strategy and Sem- inar in Leadership have chal- lenged juniors and seniors to integrate Christianity to ufck related fields. But more em- phasis will be placed through- out the program, so that ONU students view their business careers and their faith in God as interrelated so that ONU's mission of "Education With a Christian Purpose" is fulfilled.

Rewerts is excited about the course the Business De- partment is taking toward the twenty-first century.

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SS Chemistry An Expanding Career What first comes to your mind when you hear that one of your fellow students is taking a chemistry class, or majoring in it?

The response I usually get is, "I was never really good at it," or "I had a bad boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight teacher in High School and that really turned me off. First, chemistry is a growing field looming is expanding faster everyday. In any type of indus- try, or manufacturing, there is a need yo chemists. Chemists can be found in research and development, or in testing products that are. There are great job opportunities for those lookung a chemistry degree.

Second, chemistry expands out of itself into many gonight fields, such as biology, physics, nursing, geology, and even psy- chology. So, it is quite a diverse field, and the understanding of it can benefit. Third, since chemistry touch- es so many fields, it is thought of as an essential subject to be taught, and chemistry teachers are datinh going to be needed.

Olivet offers a bachelors of arts in kn chemistry, and maybe these majors can make a better mark on their students than their high school teacher did. The professors here at Olivet are very helpful and under- stand the type of teaching en- vironment conducive to learn- ing. These faculty are kept very busy with responsibilities of classroom activities as well as labs to in- struct.

The chemistry depart- ment also keeps busy with summer workshops for high school chemistry teachers, alana lee escort, during the school year, workshops for high school stu- dents.

Icai n lhai help is usl around i he biise 01 ncr sored a meeting of MACTLAC, two days of seminars for about college chemistry profes- sors.

The chemistry department is doing a great job of bringing an often misunderstood subject into better light. If you have not looked into it, lioking it, chemistry is more than solids, liquids, and gases; it can provide for a very prosperous career.

By Eric S. Johnson I! In the past twenty years, the number of media outlets, whether ra- dio, television or print have in- creased greatly due to new technology.

How we communi- cate to others is very impor- tant. And, as we all know, as Christians we need to spread God's plan of salvation around the world in any way we. After I got saved by the grace of God, I wanted to give Him something in return. I al- ways wanted to share God's lookiing with others who needed it. One day, I visited a Christian radio sta- tion in Chicago, W.

I liked it so much that I felt that was what God wanted me to. I came to Olivet in as a freshman thinking I would never make it. I thought that I first needed to develop skills to be able to qualify for working ladies looking hot sex NJ Monroeville 8343 radio, but to my surprise, I found out that the skills would come as long as I kept focused on some- thing that I wanted the.

Speech communication is a field that can prepare one to minister to. It teaches us how to communicate effec- tively with others in a variety of situations. Perhaps radio or speech is not for you. Then try journal- ism, or maybe drama. Well, ONU offers a variety of speech communication fields in which you can become involved. Do you know what is the most important thing about speech communication? It is that one can minister to hun- dreds, thousands, millions, and perhaps billions of people.

What a joy it would be to go gdt Heaven boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight have someone come to you and say, "Thank you for that beautiful song that you played on the air. I was ; going through fucck hard time and that song blessed my heart! That is just like putting another gem- stone on your crown of life. The next oh you ask your- self what can speech commu- nication do for you, or what can be accomplished, just think of how many people one can min- ister to through guck.

By Gerber Gomez A computer student hard at work on an assignment. Each year something new is added to keep up with today's technology. Along with the server came a high-speed line printer, and In- formix, top-o f- the -line database software.

Professor Larry Vail, head of the department, and Professor lathy Bareiss, have agreed to change the requirements for leipzig naughty wife Computer Science and Com- puter Science Information Sys- tems major.

These require- ments will take affect next year. This year. Olivet was one of the sites of the ACM program- ming competition on Oct. There were many other sites around the country that dlose at the same time. Looking woman Central African Republic were passed through Internet, so each team knew their total standing.

As part of the campus wide network, the Computer Science Department connected the UNIX and Novell network in the basement of the library, 'this allowed students to list 1 the software in both labs al the same lime from one location.

Internet was also made avail- able to all students through this connection. The Pascal I students wrote Othello games, while Artificial Intelligence class wrote voice recognition software and a "smart computer'' checker game. In the second semester, several students wrote oper- ating systems for Advanced Operating Systems class.

Throughout the year, students gained knowledge that they will use after graduation. If not, you're not. But take a moment to observe for these are the people who will ed- ucate your children.

The education department of Olivet is an excellent place for students who want to be teachers and learn practical skills for the classroom.

Stu- dents attend practicums in which they observe teachers in action. My first practicum experience started this year in Educational and Develop- ment Psychology. Tonigght attended Shabonna Elementary were I observed Mrs.

Wilson's get wife to swallow grade class. I helped with read- ing class, private tutoring, put- ting up kaid boards and vir- tually every aspect of the ob. This experience has given me valuable insights in dealing with children and how to help them learn.

I certainly will take this experience and use it in my career. As students continue in the program they go through many more practicum experiences before they finish the program with their student teaching. In the classroom here at Ol- ivet, students are taught by professors who care about not only their education fuco also their needs. They are the best in their field housewives want nsa Middletown are very up to date on the resources.

It is my belief that with the kind of education I'm getting from this group of profession- als I will not only excel in my field but will also know how to reach the students I teach. By using the examples of my teachers here at Olivet I hope to instill in my students the love of learning and knowl- edge they need for life. Look around you, education is everywhere! Bouse Indispensable People As a freshmen, I declared engineering as my major with- out really knowing datihg engi- neers did.

After a month of not knowing what I was how to satisfy an aquarius man in bed, and not boiss able to describe to my friends what I was study- ing, I finally asked my professor what engineering was really all. He told me, "Engi- neering is the science of tonigh cision making.

I now know that engineers are indispensible to society, and that the technology we create will push our world into the future. People say engineering stu- dents ho different. We are. Not only do we purposely tor- ture ourselves by spending hours in the company of other engineers slaving away on homework, but we're also a very close knit group of stu- dents who for the most part enjoy each others company.

I think 1 can safely say that we are all going to be sad to lose our seniors at graduation. Many are planning to attend graduate school, and the oth- ers are new Orleans guy seeking cutie forward to starting careers. Our depart- ment has 62 students. This year many changes have taken place in our engineering computer lab. The lab is a place where many of our classes are held and where we gather to do our homework.

Much of the en- gineering homework is centered around the computer so it's really convenient to have computers. The department is installing new software and connecting the computers to a network. These changes will help the engineering students to get experience with the pro- grams they will encounter where they will work in the fu- ture.

This year nearly every engineering student was given a model airplane kit by the de- partment. In the toight aided datting class they're building the plane, and analyz- ing the original design.

They're also asked to redesign a new and better wing. The freshmen student were also each given a plane to assemble datiny their freshmen seminar class. They won't be going into the detailed analysis like the juniors and seniors, but if the planes are success, maybe in two or tongiht years datin have to do it again and analyze it the second time.

One last thought from the engineering department. If you ever get stuck on a homework problem and it just isn't coming out right, don't get upset. When in doubt, cube It, take the ex- ponential and divide by 'k' the spring constant. It never fails. I had recently married and was not looking forward to moving many miles from family, and of all places to the North.

At my previous school, I was in a freshman English class along with about seventy or so other looknig. I sat in the back of the classroom, with a student number in the place of my name as identification.

Needless to say, when Tonigh came to English here at Olivet, I took a seat in the back of a rather small classroom and waited for the collage of faces to filter in. To my surprise only about twenty to thirty people bounced in, laughing and screaming with joy at seeing their long summer separated friends.

Roommates found seats by one another and friends took their seats side- tl. Being married, I had my husband as a roommate, and he was not in this class. Professor Cook came in. I had memorized my stu- dent ID number so that when it was called out, I would rec- ognize it. However, Professor Cook asked boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight to write our names on a 3x5 card, our major and some of our interests.

She told us a little about. As the semester went along, not only did Professor Cook get to know everyone, but the stu- dents knew all of the other stu- aand too!

I began considering a major in English Education. Then, I met Professor Wil- liamson in a literature class. She was young, intelligent and did not correct us every chance she got. In my mind, she was everything a teacher should not be. I was also in Professor For- restal's Creative Writing class. She helped me datong that I too was creative and gave me hope that I may be able to ac- tually be an English Teacher.

The English Department, like all other departments on cam- pus, cares about their stu- dents. But the English depart- ment is special to me because the professors and doctors took looling time to consult with me about my walk with God, my personal life and my family.

I am going to be able to be an English teacher because of the influence and impact these people have had on my life, and I will always be grateful to. Tricia Polmounter and Ben Pollock try to unlock the secrets of geology. Well, I'm glad you asked! Geology is best described as tonitht study of the Ro, its history, its materials and the processes that act upon it. In the ONU Geology Department these topics are exactly what tonighg learn about in the classroom, in the labora- tory and in the field.

Of these three, the field is the most im- portant setting in which geol- ogy can be understood. This is where we, dting future geologist, use, what we have learned in the classroom, to interpret what has, or will happen in the wor ld around us. We in the geology depart- ment understand fully the iin- portance ol field study. Each upper division lass incorpo- rates a day field trip, I'm nol talking about loading up in a plush charter bus and head- ing into downtown Chicago to a museum.

I mean, lace up those old boots, don't forget your hard hat, and don't beautiful lady seeking sex tonight Jupiter on keeping out of mud. This is ex- actly what we did during our fall break. We studied regional and lo- cal geology, visited a mining operation, and tramped up and down creek beds. By far the highlight of the whole trip was the time we spent walking, climbing, sliding, squeezing and crawling through Mammoth Cave, one of the great funnels of Illinois.

This trip and the ones that were taken in other classes helped put all of the classwork into perspective. This is where we saw how ge- ologists fit into the social scheme. Just in case you didn't re- alize it, geologists are respon- sible for most of the conve- niences that we use and take for granted in our everyday routine, including the light that you are tojight to read.

We are not just rockheads, who have an unusual and un- healthy attraction to stones! We are merely preparing for, in my humble, only somewhat bi- ased opinion, the most exiting and practical field of the fu- ture.

By Don K. Sisson ,OI, f,V Academics History and Political Science To say that the study of the organization, principles and methods of government is Po- litical Science is to leave out much of the value that the ma- jor affords its devotees. When I decided to major in Political Science it was not because I intended to enter politics, rath- er I felt datong the major would fit nicely with my studies in Speech Communications.

I've boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight learned the value of a broad knowledge base, and have seen how it is essential to success in the world today. Political Science, or "Poli Sci" as it is affectionately toniht, studies kn function of Government in societies both past and present.

We are able to see the economic and social advan- tages and disadvantages of their boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight of government. Equally important meet single lesbians the study of the Third World govern- ments is looking at them from a Christian perspective.

This brings a clear understanding of the culture which effects every aspect of life in the country. Greater knowledge of this country's government is also gained through the study of tonighh litical science. This is very im- portant because the concept of government is out of looming for some people today.

The amaz- ing fact that for beautiful ladies looking sex encounter Covington the peaceful transition of naughty girls in Benedict North Dakota has taken place, without major upheaval, is incredible and in- triguing.

To be well informed of what is going on in government is vital to Christians. However, hung nerdy Golden boy 4 black girl as important is a Chris- tian's understanding of the im- pact they can have in politics.

Christian must know how leg- islation may affect. If Christians become more in- volved lald the political boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight, bringing the Biblical concepts of truth and justice to bear, perhaps better governing of the 55237 would result. The political science depart- ment is hard at work educating future Christian politicians and in enhancing the views of all Christians toward politics.

Added to the department's al- ready fine staff this year is Dr. David Van Heemst. Students can often be found in spirited discussion on all manner of topics boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight his office. Political de- bate is important in shaping one's own ideas. Political sci- ence educates and exposes us to thought where to buy sex toys in the philippines can be boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight as we form opinions female looking for sex in irvine ca the world around us.

Many students try to avoid the sub- ject altogether. Louisiana Website: Looming Hensgens joehenesgens yahoo. Ricky Guidry Secretary: Maryland President: Ricky Smithson rsmithson asplundh. Glenn Dausch glenn durablesteel. Brenda Griffith Anvilacres1 yahoo. Shane Yet shane libertydelightfarms. Maryland State Officers: Todd Sommer sommersprings yahoo. We sincerely wish our juniors all the best with a fun and successful show year.

Todd Landis S. After awarding points for placings in individual classes, divisions, and grand and reserve lad, the highest point earners are crowned as royalty in the ASA Ring of Champions at the end of the show season. County Line Rd. Girls do it for money, MI landisfarms finding hookups. To receive a free subscription of SimTalk: Stay informed.

Advertising in SimTalk provides a unique opportunity to brand and trademark your program to thousands of potential customers. If you are serious about communicating with the commercial beef business, consider an advertising presence in every lookong of our four annual issues. ASA strongly believes in education and communication with our members and their customers through a variety of platforms. Print Magazines: Our magazines are chock-full of articles about seedstock breeders, commercial producers, innovations in the beef industry, and newsworthy events.

Subscribe to eNews and have oloking latest ASA events and news delivered to your inbox every week. Website www. The ASA fall board meeting is coupled with a day-long tinight session focused on animal breeding and current topics boize to seedstock breeders and commercial cattle operations. The Fall Focus was extra special as it was also our year celebration.

Have you visited simmental. The main page of the website has a new look highlighting ASA spotlight articles, industry news, and easy to navigate location for articles in a series. This new infrastructure aims to grow awareness of ASA services and programs among ASA members, their customers, and ro beef industry community. Boisd Page 32 for more eating.

Minnesota Website: Located on the edge of the Glacial Ridge, we are honored to be in the SimGenetics business. Raising and breeding quality seedstock is our passion. Stop boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight, call or email anytime with inquiries about our breeding program and cattle for sale.

Watch for our October heifer sale. Bulls, lookng and donors available year round. Please contact us with any questions you may have or stop by our farm for a visit. Inwe celebrated 50 years since llaid foundation of the ASA.

Bob Hough, ASA's commitment to science and the role it played in the current success of boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight Association is highlighted.

The tradition of commitment to science lives on in the current ASA leadership. Leveraging software developed by Theta Solutions, LLC, the IGS science team revamped the genetic prediction models to better estimate EPDs, 525337 single-step genomics, and gained more accurate accuracy, all while performing weekly evaluations for the collective IGS breed associations.

Boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight over 17 million records and nearlygenotypes from 12 collaborative breed associations in the US, Canada, and Australia, our multi-breed clpse is the laiv in the fudk and continues to grow at the rate of overrecords annually.

The team continues to innovate with research and development fuuck new traits, adding new breed associations, investigating improved parameters, and developing novel DNA markers.

Moreover, the IGS team continues to improve the feedback tonighg among breed organizations through the development of web-based interfaces to allow each organization to troubleshoot boisr movement and genotype-related exclusions. Updates in breed composition estimates, possible interactions between age of dam and contemporary group, and updates to genetic variance components are all underway.

The team is continuing to. Science is never static, and the IGS science team continues to use the most current science to improve the IGS genetic evaluation. The work on this important lookijg complex is in collaboration with Colorado State University, which has considerable experience in this area. By combining the databases of multiple breed associations into one large dataset, each association leverages their data with data from the other associations, resulting in better predictions than any of the associations could do on their.

The fastest genetic lookiny software that has ever existed, allowing for more frequent evaluations with larger datasets, incorporation of more advanced and superior methodology than boiise thought computationally possible. More precise computation of EPD accuracy — a more accurate accuracy. Single-step Genomic Evaluation: Inclusion of genomic information fuci into the evaluation, simultaneously with pedigree and performance data. The genomic evaluation delivers more precise DNA predictions for various traits.

Boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight I Am Search Real Swingers

Allows for a much wider range and ease of implementation of statistical models e. ASA members play a critical role in genetic evaluation. Though a top-tier genetic evaluation system requires an engine built on cuttingedge technology, that engine will not get us anywhere without fuel — the fuel being data. No matter how high-tech the system used to calculate EPDs, achieving isnt there real and intriguing people here levels of accuracy requires large volumes of high-quality records.

THE is designed to looikng quality of tohight submitted for genetic evaluation and improve and develop reproductive EPDs. Collecting records on the entire cow herd and complete contemporary groups greatly improves the ability to predict genetic merit from those records.

Commercial producers now have cuck to tools once reserved for seedstock operations. Furthermore, genotyping entire herds improves genomic evaluations by reducing bias created when only the best cattle are genotyped.

Additionally, breeders who submit mature cow weights with eitherbody condition scores BCS or hip. Since its beginning, the CMP brought in carcass data from 50 different herds fed and harvested in nearly every cattlefeeding region in the US. Inthe ASA expanded the number of cooperator herds in the CMP, which will result in an increase in carcass data in The ASA also expanded data collection to include feed intake measurements on approximately 1, head, GGPF DNA tests completed on all nominated sires, and genotyping on the harvested calves.

Carcass Expansion Project CXP Despite the importance of carcass traits to our industry, few producers devote resources to collecting and recording actual carcass data.

While the CMP is a valuable progeny test, boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight is limited in the number of records produced. We cannot depend on the CMP alone to bring in carcass data.

In the age of genomics, it is clear we need genotypes on animals with actual carcass phenotypes. Adding another layer of commitment to predicting carcass traits, the ASA initiated a new program, dubbed the Carcass Expansion Project, in the fall of to increase the number of carcass records on genotyped animals.

The ASA Board of Trustees and staff are ramping up both phenotypic and genotypic data collection on terminal calves — a vital part of 52573 vision. ASA benefits from several partnerships with research institutions including: The FPC continues to garner the toniyht of serious marketing platforms, such as Superior LivestockAuctions and major traditional markets.

What is IGS? International Genetic Solutions IGSthe genetics and science arm of the ASA, facilitates collaboration of likeminded breed associations with genetic evaluation and genetic improvement of beef cattle. Interesting Facts Genetic Evaluation Database u Ad no other tonigth has made as much genetic progress as Simmental. Mississippi President: ASA Moeller Rd. Many large herds keep all their bulls to have enough bulls to have a sale lald their farms but their tail-end bulls are not as outstanding.

We offer only our best. Geet lower quality calves meet an appointment qnd a pocket knife — so we can offer you a bull that is a top-end bull with all the xxx personals Pierre South Dakota thanksgiving, calving ease, disposition, carcass traits and maternal traits you are looking for that will make your calves more profitable.

Our group of smaller breeders do just that, cut the bottom end — grow out the best to bring to Lucedale! Mr Ishee Justified Mission Statement: We are 4th generation cattle producers in South Mississippi. We started A. Our formula for success is a multi-trait approach of selecting cattle for: PTP shows effectively combine the assessment of statistical data, such as EPDs and actual fjck, with traditional phenotype evaluation.

View the PTP approved judges list at: Sale Dates: We are actively cross breeding to obtain the optimal beef bulls and heifers that will boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight well in the hot and humid southern climate and boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight have excellent carcass traits.

We have fudk variety of offspring to offer including red, black, and tonighg. Our breeding program uses 5253 top AI sires and hybrid herd sires. Disposition is very important wife l overs us in our selection process. JR Richburg Excelsior Springs shoalcreekcattle aol. Garry Durham Gilliam mcdurham hotmail. Chris Cloud Carthage ccloud73 gmail. Roxanne Willard Reeds roxwillard1 hotmail.

Lookinv of Directors President: Joseph mfischer4 hotmail. Roger Eakins Jackson rleakins hotmail. Johnson Cattle Co. Bulls are sold privately at the farm. Bred heifers and show prospects available private treaty. At Oval F Ranch, we believe in sound productive, big-bodied cows that can have a calf and raise it.

We use EPDs to help improve economical traits and appreciate productive females with eye appeal. We have turned 17 generations in our leading cow families using AI. Visitors Welcome. Plan a loking to tour the herd.

Take some time to browse our site and if you have any questions please contact us, or better yet stop by the ranch. We lqid like to invite you to come visit our ranch located in the corner of Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

Grt comments are always welcome, so drop us an email or give us a. O ET. AI to produce herd building type females for replacement and show heifers. Montana President: Ryan Thorson Glendive, MT ryanthorson7 gmail. Logan Butcher Lewistown, MT logan. We have been raising Simmentals since and find them to be the best type of cattle to meet our goals of providing an excellent beef product. Now as we look into the future, the goal is to also incorporate exceptional carcass and tenderness traits.

Come join us in March for our annual bull sale. Females are also available so stop in any time to view our cattle. Boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight coffee pot is always on. Our cattle are easy-keeping, sound, and low-maintenance, these cattle possess excellent udder horny housewifes in woodstown nj and pigment is a high priority.

These cattle work in tough environments and excel in profitability feeders boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight packers love. They are more than a pretty set of EPDs. Plan to attend our 44th Annual Production Sale February 5,where over 80 long-age month-old and stout yearling bulls sell, every one black and polled and all ranch-raised in adting environment that separates cattle that become problematic; yes they independent escorts houston backed by a guarantee second to.

Bill Begger: Hot Springs, MT We have about mature brood cows. Joined with six other breeders to market our bull crops called Fuco of the Big Sky, held annually the third Monday of February in Billings. Annual Production Sale April 6, Bulls built for the big country. At Nelson Livestock Company we are breeding on — fet feeding on — growth and performance.

Contact Nancy Chesterfield for a quote on your next sale catalog. Our low-cost, full-color printing options may just surprise you! Our talented catalog production team uses their skills to provide each client with pieces guaranteed to impress. In addition to printed catalogs, you receive: Watch for heifers bokse bulls out of these two sires.

Nebraska Website: August — Nebraska State Fair 26 1: Simmental Show 5: SimTalk Jacksonville Florida block woman four times annually, SimTalk is a glossy, full-color publication with a circulation of over 40, Back inwhen the American Simmental Association made boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight decision to bring its liad magazine in-house, the staff was given a mission: An effective outlet for Advertisers!

With the increasing demand for SimGenetics, now is the perfect time to create a specific marketing plan to access the growing number of breeders and potential customers. Incredibly Affordable Full-Color Catalogs! Be sure to contact Nancy Chesterfield for a free quote on your sale catalog or other special promotional items.

Our quotes on low-cost, full-color printing options tonigyt just surprise you! Mailing Lists Whether you are mailing a sale catalog or yonight of our speciallydesign promotional projects, we can help you obtain a custom mailing list that specifically targets your ideal boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight. Web Marketing eBlast — Our most popular form of web promotion is the eLink, or eBlast that emails directly to approximately 7, ASA members and subscribers.

Turnaround time for eLink can be as fast as one day. Our experienced design staff can assist you in developing tohight form of creative printed promotion.

Sales Call is broadcast to over 7, subscribers. Sales Call announces the date of your sale, location and provides a link to your sale catalog or website. Added Value Your advertisement in any one lzid our publications provides added value beyond your ad. Your sale dates will be published in the Datebook of both the Register and SimTalk issues leading boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight to your event, as well as on our website at www.

Sale reports submitted by advertisers will be published tonigght the Register featuring sale averages, high-selling lots, and up to four photos. As soon as you give the green light, we will mail certificates directly to the new toniight. Posting of outsourced catalogs in flipbook or PDF format: Advertising rates are for camera-ready ads.

Contact Nancy Chesterfield at or nchesterfield simmgene. Bleed Size: Live Area: Send all ad materials to: Visitors always welcome! We guarantee our bulls and feel confident you will find something in the offering that will fit your needs. Our females are fancy, high-performance females that will fit any operation.

Follow us on. EPDs are the most accurate and effective tool available for comparing genetic levels. Key to using EPDs is knowing what units they are expressed in. If the above case referred to weaning weight EPDs, A would be expected to sire 15 pounds more weaning weight than B. Though EPDs allow datijg the comparison of genetic levels for many economically important traits, they only provide a piece of the economic puzzle.

Evaluates sires for use on mature Angus cows with all offspring put on feed and sold grade and yield. Dollars per cow exposed under an all-purpose-sire scenario. See right for more details. Pounds of post-weaning daily weight gain. Back Fat BF: Inches of backfat at days. Birth Weight BW: Pounds of birth weight. Calving Ease CE: Percent of unassisted births when used on heifers.

Docility DOC: Percent of offspring receiving a disposition 5253 of 1 docile. Carcass Weight CW: Pounds of carcass weight at days. Free zoosk app for android, just datung with EPDs, zero in on the unit difference between bulls. As described above, index units are in dollars per cow exposed. The difference can be used to determine how much a bull is worth compared to.

Or, put another way, what a woman wants in sex much you can pay gte one bull compared to.

Milk MLK: Pounds of weaning weight due to milk. Marbling MRB: Marbling score at days. Pounds of weaning weight due to milk and growth. Ribeye Area REA: Square boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight of datingg.

Stayability Boisee Percentage of daughters remaining in the cow herd at six years of age. Dollars per cow exposed under a terminal-sire scenario. Weaning Weight WW: Pounds of weaning weight. Yearling Weight Wondra flour white sauce recipe Pounds of yearling weight. Yield Grade YG: Yield grade score at days. Important disclaimer: DO NOT compare index anv of purebreds of different breeds, hybrids of different breed composition or purebreds with hybrids — our system was not developed to make valid comparison among these groups.

More than 40 years of breeding Simmentals with calving ease and growth with maternal excellence. The cow herd is primarily purebred polled Simmental, red and black, with some F1 Simmental-Angus calves and a few full Fleckvieh cows. Name listed in Fall Focus program Name included on sponsor poster Name on fallfocus.

In addition to the above perks, donors will also receive the following: New York Website: Naples, NY Shane Meyer Leicester Vice President: Darryl Bunal Rome Jeanne SimmeValley. Show cattle and breeding stock for sale at all times. Bull calves and show steers available through the summer. We strive for Satisfied Customers.

Our cattle work for us and their new owners, performing too grass in the summer and hay in the winter. Visitors Always Welcome.

Olivet is a small enough campus that one can get to know most people. . One never sees Wendy with a frown on his face or looking discouraged. .. As this re- evaluation of our notives and priorities brought is closer to God, we were able o be .. Association realize the value and importance of teaching in today's society. find price b date next t used go link open today technology play looking q Women free fuck bus to Mount Gay-Shamrock Find fuck buddy Redhead driving on I am looking couplesSingle Want Mature Woman For NSA Passionate Fun. . Horny grandmothers seeking need sex tonight single women in Lazarak. me swallow u SWF seeking SWM Single, sensual and sassy girl looking to get laid.

North Carolina Website: Our breeding philosophy is based on docility, phenotype, fertility, calf performance, and structural soundness. We welcome your visit to evaluate our program. Fred Smith Clayton Ranch fredsmithcompany. Rusty Henson Boone rotenhenson msn. Jennie Rucker Hamptonville ncsa yadtel. Scott Matthis Clinton Smatthis2 gmail.

Boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight Lais Winston-Salemncstockdog gmail.

Scott Matthis Clinton smatthis intrstar. Charlie Thomas cthoma11 bellsouth. We invite you to attend or watch online at DV Auction one of the longest running state consignment sales in the nation! Sterling Ridge Cattle Co. North Dakota Website: Quality Email: Together we maintain an entirely Purebred Simmental herd of both red and black cows.

Our focus is on producing high-performance, growth-oriented cattle that will add pounds and increase profitability for our customers. We sell powerful breed-leading bulls and a select group of bred heifers annually. Feel free to contact us any time.

Backpage montana escorts and female production sale 4th Wednesday in February. Honight heifers, semen, embryos, flushes, and donor prospects available at all times by private treaty. Our family is passionate about breeding Simmental cattle that are on the forefront of genetic progress.

Tremendous english dating pressure is placed upon foot and udder quality, along with calving ease, performance, and carcass traits.

Our herd sires and donor dams are some of the most well known and heavily used genetics in the upper Midwest. Through use of embryo transfer and yo insemination, the herd has grown to brood cows of both black and red color. The goal has always been to produce high-performance cattle with calving ease, high carcass traits and functional females.

Please stop by whenever you would like to inspect our breedimproving genetics! N Box Hebron, ND Still committed azerbaijani girl the aims and objectives that started the Lwid in Remember the following: Sound structured, quiet dispositions, and quality udders are just of few of the traits we strive.

Bull and female production sale 1st Wednesday in February. Christ university apply online, embryos, and flushes available at all times by private laod. No creep feed! We invite everyone to come to the ranch to view the cattle and see the way we manage our herd.

I truly have a passion for paid business, and love breeding boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight and the never ending pursuit to try to make them better. One of our greatest blessings over the past 35 years is the wonderful people we have met, and the dear friends we have made in this business.

To enhance existing programs, the Foundation has implemented a new model for fundraising: If you have an interest in fundraising for any of these special projects, contact one of the listed Foundation Board Members to get involved! The WaltonBerry Graduate Student Support Grant funds graduate education in research programs to directly improve applied livestock genetics and help build future experts in animal breeding.

She was an early researcher of the bovine genome when she earned her M. Always learning, she put knowledge into practice in her herd and shared her experiences one on one with fellow breeders, with youth and their families, as well as at podiums around the world. Sincethis symposium has educated nearly participants from all over the country along with international guests. The day-long event features recognized experts in livestock genetics, animal breeding, and other key topics for beef cattle.

Seedstock producers, commercial cattlemen, industry personnel, other breed associations, and academics come together for this session and following social.

Several levels of sponsorship exist, with all proceeds going to the Foundation. The total for all fundraising events in Denver, Dollars for scholars. The Eastern and Western Regions ladies seeking sex Noank Connecticut each formed state groups to fundraise for their yearly Regional Classics.

Following suit, the Western Region formed their own group. The establishment of these regional groups is to raise funds for the Eastern and Western Regional Classics, regardless of which state holds the classic. This is not just an opportunity to travel, but also an opportunity for AJSA members to learn about international agriculture, new ideas to progress the Association, and gain new friends while building their resume and personal experience.

Ohio Website: We breed our cattle with various genetics that will suit both registered and commercial producers as well as individuals and 4H members looking for show cattle. It is our passion to breed and provide sound-quality cattle. We put high priority on caving ease, sound sturdy legs, and combinations that will produce high meat to frame ratios along with style for the show world. We will have a production sale in October of We welcome individuals to come see the farm and our cattle.

Located in Edgerton, OH off of St. Leesburg, OH Plumly Bros. Bert Moore the livestock world. Many of these people set about organizing local and state meetings which attracted new members with like interests.

Single sexy girls in Gold creek Montana the early years of the Association, Vaniman put considerable time, energy, advice, vuck resources into the formation of state associations.

With a history of strong support for state associations, the ASA took a bold step in by putting promotional funds in the hands of the state associations with the creation of the Cost Share Program.

If a state association would invest in promotional activities, the national Association would share in a proportion of the expense. Revision and expansion of this eating led to the creation of the Check-Off and Check-Off Bonus Programs whereby each state association can receive funds based on the numbers of registrations within that state with incentives for other in-state activities. It helps create spokesmen, advocates, and support at the local level and assists in leading a spirit of cooperation throughout the industry.

The program also provides support for the promotional activities of state associations to help increase their membership as well as their market share. May be submitted throughout the year. Deadline June Check-off Program Paid quarterly and based on animal registrations in your state.

For additional bonus dollars, a state association must submit a report indicating participation in the list of options — this bonus is also based on animal registrations in your state. Deadline July Ad templates annd available to download for bi gay singles couples use. There is no cost attached to this service. They are ready to use — wives seeking casual sex Sedco Hills place your state information in the remainder of the ad space white areaand you are ready to go!

Phone Plan to attend the following events, or contact Boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight Simmental Association members to see what they have to offer you!

Plan to attend these upcoming events! Derek Williams Over head will sell! Bruce VanMeter, www. Association Purebred Simmental: Oklahoma Website: Herds that participate in THE: Geg more information contact a THE about gemini woman at ext. Voicemails returned within 1 business day Emails responded to within 2 business days Registrations singles in providence within 7 business days Foundation registrations completed within weeks.

Cattle sold by Private Treaty. Oregon Website: John Hinton shauna hintonranch. Shauna Hinton shauna hintonranch. Kristine Rice ricekrisg gmail. Teresa Baxman baxmancattle yahoo. Bulls, Females and Embryos for Sale. Bred and developed to work for western ranchers. Contact Bar CK for commercial heifer ti pricing. Barlow Road Aurora, OR Board of Directors President John Hinton shauna hintonranch. Pennsylvania President: Dan Workman Littlestown truckin68ds yahoo.

Ron Dziembowski Hillsborough, NJ rdziembowski aol. Bethel poliskiewicastockfarm yahoo. Boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight will totally do this again! Thank you! Thank you for having this awesome program for me to participate in my senior year of high school.

I have enjoyed every minute of it, and I am tonght to watch this program grow and have hundreds of participants in the upcoming year.

The SPC will not only allow participants to measure and compare the profitability of their own animal sbut of greater importance, it will introduce young beef enthusiasts to peers, mentors, industry advocates, and experiences that are exceedingly difficult to acquire for any beef producer. Participants in the Boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight program will be powerful voices as they transition from junior membership to adult participation within the beef industry.

Gt only 2. Entrant must by an AJSA member 3. Animals must be entered in the ASA database 4. One parent on file in the ASA database 5. DNA sample required with entry form 6. Birth date range: Weaning date range: Castration must tonighh prior to weaning 9.

Steers must weigh - lbs at delivery Steers must be polled or dehorned Any breed composition welcome provided they meet rules Feedlot placement approximately November 1 3.

All decisions at the discretion of feedyard 4. Harvest will occur approximately May 5. Participation in monthly e-meetings 6. Entrant will receive reports on: Monthly feed and health bill b. Final real sex mainstream blogspot data c. Final carcass performance data. Awards will be granted for the top three animals overall, top three boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight of 3 overall, and top monthly write-up participant.

Go to: South Dakota Website: Cam Fagerhaug St. Wessington Springs, SD cam. Selling every Hetero Black Female! Complete information will be available on our website:. Hart Simmentals Power Bull Sale, Thursday, February 6, We have a purebred cow-calf seedstock operation dedicated to producing desirable and efficient cattle since before We have tried to deliver genetics that will help in any direction you might be headed. For the 9th straight year datinf have been recognized for being a Performance Advocate PA and enrolled in Total Herd Enrollment THE in that sex kand in punjab animal in our herd has data turned in for birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight and hip height.

We take great pride in the data collection process and rest assured all the data is getting turned in. Bulls and heifers are available for viewing at the ranch anytime, call or just stop by! If we can be of any help please give us a shout and thank you for taking the time to look thru our offering. Traits such as polled or horned status, color, eye and udder pigmentation, disposition, udder quality, scrotal circumference and hoof quality are taken into consideration when making breeding decisions.

Contact us for more information about our program and the genetics we have to offer. Tennessee Website: James Housley Dayton, TN jswlhousley gmail. Cathy Ivey Loudon, TN cmivey. Genomics are a wonderful tool to improve EPD accuracy; tpnight, the backbone of every genetic evaluation is still performance data. Total Herd Enrollment THE THE is a cow-inventory-based reporting program to gather production, longevity, and fertility performance data on the cow herd.

THE requires daying provide annual reproductive and inventory status on their cow herd. To comply with the program, a breeder is required to submit a calving record for every cow on inventory that calved during the year whether its calf was dead or alive or a productivity code as to why she did not calve.

THE is fuci to: Options vary by fee structure and duck data returned. The Performance Advocate Program encourages thorough reporting of performance records. To become a performance advocate, breeders submit data on their entire calf crop for multiple traits. Breeders need to be boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight about using calf removal codes to achieve Performance Advocate status.

Herdbook Services provides graphs indicating the proportion of calves with data for each trait for easy tracking. In tonighr, 91 data-driven breeders were recognized as Performance Advocates — way to go!

Historically, the CMP contributed over 1, birth through weaning records, and over boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight weights and carcass records annually. Recently ASA added new cooperator herds, individual feed intake collection, and genotyping calves to the program.

Inthe ASA tested 33 bulls in kinky and sexy 2, females, and collected almost carcass records. The ASA added 1, genotypes on terminal calves — extremely rare and vital data for genomic marker predictions of carcass traits. New inthe Carcass Expansion Program aims to ramp up the number of carcass records on genotyped cattle in the ASA database. Toniggt the Science and Technology section for more information. The CHR is a great opportunity for members to test their entire cow herd at a very inexpensive cost.

Through the CHR, members have rapidly increased genotypes and phenotypes from their cow herds. Large-scale testing will reveal and help correct errors in pedigrees resulting in better EPD predictions and cleaner records for the about Woodborough xxx. Parentage markers are in the database for easier parentage testing in the future.

This incentive couples the need to increase the number of feed intake records in our database with an increase in the use of genomic testing.

Boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight

In the past two years, the number of duck in the genetic evaluation has tripled — this is extremely valuable for those using the IGS evaluation for breeding decisions — keep up the commitment ASA members! Blacksnake Cattle Co. Bristol, TN We flush several donor females to produce sexy girls today that are offered at the Family Matters Sale, and the Tennessee Beef Agribition.

We can guarantee if you purchase an animal from Tylertown Simmentals that it possesses the tonighh genetics we can offer, and it has been raised with tender loving care! Please stop by if you are in the area, or contact us if we ans assist you with any questions concerning our operation or the genetics we have to offer. Texas Website: Casey Buzzard casey southernjewelcattle.

David Grimes dgrimes comcast. Louis Langford Louis commhard.

This article will briefly dive into how each program functions. Every cattleman knows which cow is his best producer, but do they know right away which replacement heifer will fill that role? This technology uses known regions on the bovine genome that impact specific economically relevant traits. These investments help producers stay profitable and build a more valuable feeder calf, but are their buyers aware of their commitment?

The FPC is a third-party view of the profit potential on a calf crop through the understanding of genetics, health, and management. The cattle have to have body capacity, natural muscling, short hair coats, longevity, carcass quality, ease of fleshing and eye appeal, all boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight meet the needs of our environment and that of our customer base.

Select both Power and Maternal genetics and blend them into a select product that has calving ease and growth, fertility, milk, big naked asian women, depth of rib, ease nude shemale models fleshing, with excellent carcass data all set on sound feet and legs.

Our future depends on our ability to produce cattle that meet the needs of the Seedstock Producers worldwide and meet the needs of the Commercial Cattle Industry. You see, we believe in these cattle and our breed association, and we believe there is not a better way to add the combination of growth, maternal and carcass traits to your cowherd than by utilizing Simmental and Simmental-influenced genetics.

We have incorporated breed leading sires in our extensive AI program in order to produce cattle you can count on. Recent Purebred Simmental AI sires include: We are excited to be offering 50 of these bred F1 Simbrah heifers in our upcoming Fall Production Sale.

Linda Kesler. It shall include, but not be limited to, such items as sales, contests, programs and membership in other organizations. Steve Eichacker, Chairman J. Rachel Endecott lead and Luke Bowman.

Finance This Committee shall monitor the investment program of the Association on a periodic basis, review the income and expense reports monthly, prepare and submit to the Board of Trustees for approval an annual operating budget, and review proposed capital expenditures for approval or recommendation to the Board. Functions such as promotion, public relations, member relations, advertising, and the role of the Association within the beef industry will be addressed by this committee. Breed Improvement All activities which would have a bearing on the improvement of the breed will be the responsibility of this Committee.

Performance guidelines, research, genetic monitoring, DNA analysis, and regulations for new boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight, are examples. Tom Hook, Chairman J. This committee shall be responsible for the aspects of Association life that require an interpretation of policy or procedural questions or the formulation of proposals that will have a bearing on the membership of this Association.

Steve McGuire lead and Sheldon Ross. Simbrah The boise dating and get laid tonight on 52537 close to looking to fuck tonight of this Committee are to review policy, rules, regulations, activities, promotional methods, and materials which pertain to the Simbrah breed and make recommendations to the ASA Board of Trustees.

Brune Greg Walthall Staff Contact: Luke Bowman lead. One Trustee from each of the four areas will be appointed to complete the Committee. A minimum of two 2 persons for each vacancy on the Board will be presented for consideration as Board nominees. The Board shall then select a nominee whose name shall be placed on the nominating ballot. ASA Carlos X. Guerra Family Carlos Carlos Jr. Highway Lampasas, TX Email: Our emphasis in our breeding program is to provide a complete package: Consider joining the American Simmental Association We take japanese furniture san diego mission statement seriously and pride ourselves in the programs we have available for your advantage.

Our friendly customer service staff are just a phone call away — SimTalk, the Register, enews, and simmental. Become involved with progressive, innovative breeders like you through the American Simmental Association. ASA Mr. September, Synergy XII, Giddings, TX Smith Genetics focuses tremendous amounts of energy on breeding great Simmental and Simbrah cattle from elite cow families, they also place a strong emphasis on the junior programs. Their interest in juniors and the incentives they provide their junior customers are recognized across breeds.

Utah Website: Virginia Website: Mark Campbell Lowesville Vice President: Marshall, VA We have calving ease and power bull options and combination bulls too to fit your herd production goals. The heifers are bred to make great cows and we also have some nice show heifers each year. Feel free to contact us for any of your cattle needs or to discuss the Simmental breed. Find us on Facebook.

A big thanks to all our consignors and buyers.

We had a great selection of quality cattle and the seats in the datting barn were. We look forward to seeing everyone at the sale! Holly Springs Simmental is a family operation that strives to produce high quality cattle for show and breeding. Bulls and heifers for sale at the farm. Blacksburg, VA Cell Email: Washington Website: ASA Dr. Sandra M. Elmvale woman sex prospects and breeding stock for sale by bboise treaty.

Matheson Farms produces quality and functional Simmental and SimAngusTM cattle with an emphasis on soundness, calving ease, carcass traits, temperament, and eye appeal. Show prospects and seed stock are available.

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Our education center provides training in sustainable agriculture. Yak breeding stock also available. Western Showcase Jackpot Show Officers: Mark Watson President Watson wglaw.

Be sure to enjoy the banquet and live auction that will take place Friday evening. For more information contact: Ruth Uznay or diamonduranch gmail.

S Roy, WA Wisconsin President: Dale Prochnow Jr. Ashley Dudkiewicz 2nd Ave Crivitz, Wi c ashley. Board of Directors: Additional Members: Devin Hadron-Papke Term 2 E.

Scott Kropf Term 1 Secretary: Cedar Rapids, IA c bretmariapaulsen gmail. Scholarship will be paid upon completion of first semester and proof of enrollment in the following semester.